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Once in a conversation someone threw out the phrase “Less is more” and I don’t think anyone at that table really understood what that meant but we do.

Through years of camping and backpacking we learned there are a few things that really make your trip more comfortable. Traveling light, eating and sleeping well were the things that we found were key to a great trip. We’ve gathered a few simple products that make the trip easier and offer them here as well as a some helpful tips that we found handy over the years.

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Simple backpacking stuff to make your trip easier



Try the outdoors, you might like it...

The first time that you are truly in nature, the phone is turned off, can’t hear any cars and you are just sitting, relaxing, you realize there is so much life here that you didn’t know existed.

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Send Us An Email

If you have some product you think we should carry or tips that you would like to share, let us know. We would be happy to post them with your credit.